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It is well known in the NLP scene that Virginia Satir had a huge influence on the early NLP. In 1972 when Bandler and Satir first met he had just turned 22! She was his first model for the selection of tools which became literally famous under the name Neuro-Linguistic-Programming later on. After having attended her workshops and studied her books and written material for about two years he started looking for people who worked with methods that could let him structure “the magic of Virgina Satir’s work”. That is how he came to Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls. The first book ‘The Structure of Magic Vol. I’ (1975, Richard Bandler and John Grinder) is all about the common tools for personal change and how to use them.


At this time the relationship between Bandler, Grinder and Satir was based on respect and love. Maybe we will never know why their ways drifted apart. It is heard through the grapevine that Virginia Satir refused to work any longer with Bandler in the early nineteen-eighties. She had lost the connection to him and appreciation for his work. The result is that the Virginia Satir Global Network (founded under the name AVANTA) nowadays has very little knowledge of the NLP tools. On the other hand the NLP scene lacks of several formats and techniques that Virginia used and developed after the modeling process.

NLPwayS follows the vision to combine the best of the two worlds again and to bring inspiration to all NLP skilled people who wish to add on ther knowledge with the wonderful ideas that Virginia’s network teaches ever since.

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